Photo courtesy artist

After sharing their new song "do you still think of me?" last month, rising outfit TUITION has shared a "live on VHS" performance video of the track.

While the lo-fi clip might seem relatively uneventful, it actually gives so much of a sense of the vibe between the bandmates, their seriousness when performing and their playful camaraderie. It's also worth noting, this recording took place after the band had previously been isolated from each other during lockdown.

"We shot this in a warehouse in Croydon on the hottest day of the year 🥵 but it was sick to finally perform together after writing everything in lockdown separately," the band says.

The tender new track follows their song "IDWTAI," which is an acronym for "I don't wanna talk about it." As we previously mentioned, their music fits in a lane alongside the likes of Glass Animals, Easy Life and Still Woozy.

Watch the performance video below.