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Rising outfit TUITION have shared their new song "do you still think of me?," the followup to the group's debut which arrived just last month via Norwegian indie label Mutual Intentions.

The tender new track follows their song "IDWTAI," which is an acronym for "I don't wanna talk about it." So, first of all, judging solely by the first two songs, it's clear the guys have a lot of feelings to work through. But second, we continue to insist they are primed to be your new favorite band, with their heart-on-their-sleeve bedroom pop, which fans of artists such as Glass Animals, Omar Apollo and Easy Life may appreciate.

According to the band, the new song "reflects a very recent break up and all the mixed emotions and reflections that come with that. A roller coaster relationship that came to a crashing stop." But they add, after some time apart, now there's slight doubt about whether breaking up was the right move.

It's also worth noting, because the new music was crafted in the age of the pandemic, it was written entirely over WhatsApp voice notes and Zoom calls, as the longtime music scene friends were impacted by local Covid restrictions.

Check out "do you still think of me?" below and definitely stay tuned for more from TUITION.