Photo courtesy artist

Kentucky duo RAGS AND RICHES have just dropped the new video for their latest single “CROSSFIRE” and it’s like stepping back in time. From start to finish, you really feel like you’re watching an old western movie, with character names, credits and a whole lot of action, you can’t turn your head from this captivating movie-style video. This rowdy new video is the perfect accompaniment to their raucous pop/rock track, which features vocals from Cody Morgan. The energetic song speaks about staying mentally strong through life's roller coaster ride and the video is a great metaphor of just how brutal life can be. No expenses were spared in the creation of this video, with scenes of horses, guns, cowboy hats and hostages - there is so much going on in the short five minutes and 51 seconds. 

Inspired by Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight, RAGS AND RICHES wanted to create a similar feeling in their modern western movie. Sonically “CROSSFIRE” explodes with ricochetting guitars and a driving rhythm section. Think Twenty One Pilots meets Imagine Dragons, with a little hint of Chris Stapleton. The energy between brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt, along with Cody Morgan is undeniable and totally addictive. To put it simply, RAGS AND RICHES are our new 2021 favorites and we’ll be keeping a close eye on them.