Photo courtesy artist

Newcomer Finn Harry is here with new music this week. Today, he has shared his second single "Split the Power."

For about the first 20 seconds of the track, there's a very Frank Ocean vibe to it, but the song quickly diverges into a grungy, psychedelic experience, as the Los Angeles-based artist refuses to be pinned into one particular lane, instead drawing on his diverse influences from the likes of James Blake, Kanye West, Dave Grohl, Aphex Twin and more.

"I began this song with the idea of blending hard-rock influences with groovy drums and psychedelic synths to create a dense, futuristic punk rock song that builds to an exploding point," he says. "It’s about approaching a music career as an independent artist, dealing with outside forces who want you to water down and compartmentalize your sound. I played everything live (drums, guitar, bass, analog synth), which allowed me to create a wild, otherworldly soundscape that still feels organic and raw.”

The new song arrives today alongside an accompanying video which sees Finn Harry performing the song in front of a series of colorful backgrounds.

Watch the clip below.