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Alexander 23 & Jeremy Zucker release the official video for their recent collaboration “Nothing’s The Same." Throughout the track, both describe the elephant in the room regarding the inevitable change that comes with growing up and growing apart from someone. Backed by traditional pop acoustics, the duo showcases their vulnerability through a harmonic chorus as they contemplate the past memories and compare them with the current tensions.

To further speak about their collaboration, Alexander 23 says: “Making ‘Nothing’s the Same’ with Jeremy was super therapeutic, we had both been feeling the same cloud of uncertainty and dread above our heads and just did our best to translate that into the song."

As the two lyricize about the continuous hardship of overthinking, “Nothing’s The Same” provides listeners a relatable anthem for those who have to adjust to the complications of what was then and what’s now whether it’s based on a friendship or relationship. Be sure to watch the full official video for “Nothing’s The Same” below and for more related news and updates regarding Alexander 23, be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter, @alexander23lol.