Matthew Chaim in 'Sand' video

It's no secret Matthew Chaim is a Variance favorite. He has an undeniable ability to craft earnest lyrics while conveying his own genuine emotions, and his latest single is certainly no exception.

At the end of last month, he shared his new track "Sand," a song which he has said was partly inspired by his breakup with his girlfriend two years ago. Even though he was convinced "this time it was for real," he said in a very poetic note to fans, they found their way back to each other recently.

"When we were apart, this song was a healing balm for me to mourn and recover from the loss of our past relationship," he says. "Now it is a timestamp for the shedding of those people we used to be. In the chorus I sing, 'You’ll make some other plans, and find another man.' I think that came true. It just turns out that the other man is me.'"

Now, just days after the song's release, Chaim has shared an accompanying video, which he directed, co-starring his partner, who is credited simply as "J."

Watch the newly released clip below.