Teren Mabry

Up-and-coming trio WILD continued their stride this week with another new song, this time a song called "Goin' Back," a collaboration with American Authors singer Zac Barnett.

Drawing on the strengths of both acts, the new song further proves WILD's prowess in crafting massive, anthemic musical offerings. And while the 2020 festival season essentially  ground to a halt before it even began, this track is ready for big summer stages—whenever that may be.

"It’s about feeling disconnected from where you come from, even when you go back, you’re out of place," says WILD singer Lauren Luiz. "It’s about the journey you’re taking to feel present and be at home wherever you are. In some ways, it encapsulates an overarching theme for us. We’re talking about friendships, where we live, who our family is, what we’ve been through, and the things that have gotten us to where we are now. We’re showing appreciation and trying to grow.”

The new song is said to be from the band's upcoming album and it's accompanied by an animated video, which the trio says took months to finalize. As we previously mentioned, WILD recently released their new Yours & Mine EP, which arrived last month and included the incredible standout "Surround You."

Watch the clip for "Goin' Back" below