Photo courtesy artist

Raised in the sun-soaked city of Los Angeles with a family in media, Leah Kate felt an enormous weight on her shoulders she just couldn’t shake. It was a much-needed move to New York, where she truly thrived creatively without the pressures of a Hollywood lifestyle. 

Growing up surrounded by the entertainment industry, it is easy to uncover many fakes and phonies and Leah Kate’s latest single “Used To This” praises those that are truly authentic, good people. Highlighting charismatic vocals atop driving beats and funk-fueled basslines, the infectious track is a feel-good release. The vibrant, 60s-esque visuals display a confident Leah Kate that is simply irresistible. From the colorful vintage furniture and cute retro fashion to stunning sunset views, the video is pure visual eye candy. 

An electro-pop artist bursting with optimism and motivation, the singer-songwriter provides listeners with honest and personal offerings that are straight from the heart. Seeing success playing at New York Fashion Week as well as attaining millions of Spotify streams, the rising talent goes full speed ahead to continue down a triumphant path.