Photo courtesy artist

Singer songwriter Raquel Lily unveils the new visuals for her reggae inspired indie pop tune "Mary."

The single is an anthem of acceptance, with Lily herself writing it after coming to terms with her own sexuality. Identifiying as queer, "Mary" is also a dedication to her fervant LGBTQIA+ fans. Featuring breezy soundscapes, smoky vocals and textured melodies, the song is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse meets Bob Marley.

In the hazy new visuals, an all women cast is seen dancing, partying and genuinely enjoying a laid-back good time. Raquel Lily is no stranger to entertaining the masses. As a popular online personality, the singer also streams a variety of content on Twitch. Born in the Philippines, she moved to the U.S. at a young age bouncing from city to city and eventually landing in Atlanta, Georgia where she resides today. Lily's music evokes her vintage soul influences while also bringing modern synth rock and pop elements. 

"Mary" is one of four singles released this year and we can't wait to hear what's next.