Photo courtesy artist

Texas based singer/songwriter Roman Rouge demonstrates his enticing blend of seductive R&B melodies and infectious synth/pop soundscapes in his latest single "Darkness." The irresistible new song is about someone offering a shoulder to cry on, despite the person in need hiding themselves away and declining help. With a relatable and poignant narrative of helping a friend when times are tough, Roman Rouge delivers an uplifting message through stunning soulful vocals and captivating instrumentation.

Reminiscent of The Weeknd meets Khalid, the young artist has been making a name for himself with his honest lyrics. He shares, “The message in my music overall is always relatable, something you’ve been through can and always affect the decisions you make in the future. My songs are linked to each other, I like to convey a story and be as honest and forthcoming as I can."

With a determined attitude, Roman Rouge is a force to be reckoned with. Jumping over hurdles and rapidly propelling closer towards his goals, we can’t wait to see where he goes next.