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It might not be a collaboration you'd expect to hear, but ROZES has teamed up with Mat Kearney for a new song which actually makes sense when you hear it.

"Walls" has been released with an accompanying video featuring the two artists who both come from differing worlds in the music landscape, with ROZES best known for "Roses," her collaboration with The Chainsmokers, while Kearney has occupied a space in alt-rock and inspirational music.

“'Walls' is about the emotional space between two people who seem to each stand stubborn in their views," says ROZES of the new song. "It feels so current in today’s world, whether it’s romance, friendship, or family, sometimes we stand on the opposite side of those we love.”

For his part, Kearney says: “'Walls' came about very organically the day ROZES and I met. I had written the title and some of the chorus a while back. When I played it for ROZES, she pointed out how we could write it about a relationship as well as something much bigger. Walls are something we put up to the ones closest to us as well as the people we know the least.” 

The song, which is both timely and enamoring, can be heard in the video below.