Trent Barboza

Kiiara might finally be putting out an album.

The singer on Friday released her glossy new single "Open My Mouth," which is billed as the lead single from her upcoming debut album, said to be coming this fall via Atlantic Records.

“Art is open for interpretation, so while some will listen to this song and relate to it based on relationships they’ve had in their lives, for me this song is about the relationship I have with myself,” says Kiiara of the new track. “I’ve struggled with mental health issues for my entire life. I’ve felt silenced, I’ve felt alone, and I’ve felt afraid. To me, this song is about facing these realities and putting it all out there.”

The song arrived with an accompanying video, directed by Juliana Carpino, featuring designer Christian Cowan and fashion from his FW19 line. It comes four years after the release of Kiiara's standout debut single "Gold."

See the new video below.