David Bean

Australia-based singer Ben Hazlewood has released an emotional new song called "Grave Relief."

The track arrived today as a way to honor Mental Health Awareness Month, but it's also a personal effort, as both the song and its accompanying video are a tribute to the Melbourne singer's oldest brother, who died of suicide when Hazlewood was 14.

"The song touches on moments of my grief from the past, the reality of only very recently accepting, dealing with the present and my hope that is growing for the future," says Hazlewood. "The grief shattered my family apart. We all went down our own paths to try and accept and heal from the tragedy, that at the time was so confusing and isolating. Over time we have managed to find support and comfort in each other and have healed stronger."

As for Hazlewood's aforementioned family members, they also appear in the newly released video. See the clip below.