Sabrina Santiago

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Sabrina Teitelbaum (aka BAUM) has shared her first new song of 2019 and it's so ridiculously good. 

"Fuckboy" arrived Wednesday, in all its blistering yet earnest glory. It's her first since her 2018 debut Ungodly EP and it finds the singer challenging stereotypical narratives regarding love and relationships.

"I feel like the narrative people are always putting on women is the 'boy meets girl, girl falls in love instantly, boy breaks girl's heart' story," says BAUM, adding: "I wanted to sing about something different. It’s obviously not good to be a fuckboy, but women aren’t emotional wrecks running around searching for love, looking to be saved, yet I feel like that identity is constantly being placed on us."

As for the video, it centers on two dancers who at first interact with each other and mirror their counterpart's movements before gradually starting to dance independently by the end of the video. 

Watch the video below, but fair warning: This new song might be your new anthem.