Photo courtesy artist

There's a lot of new music this weekend, but Sydney duo PLGRMS have delivered a stunner with their new single "Daylight."

The glowing new cut arrived Friday with an equally spellbinding set of visuals, directed by Peter Majarich.

"'Daylight' is a feeling, a choice to be made, a person," says singer Jacob Pearson. "It's whatever you need it to be so that you can bring yourself out from the dark."

Songwriter and producer Jonathan Bowden adds: "'Daylight' speaks to us both personally – and for each of us has a distinct meaning. We hope that the same feelings occur to those who listen to the track; that they find their own distinct meaning/message in the music and lyrics and that they take from the song what they need or want to – without us telling them what that should or shouldn’t be."

Watch the video for "Daylight" below.