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As AlunaGeorge continues their venture into the indie world, the British duo on Friday released a video for their Bryson Tiller collaboration "Cold Blooded Creatures."

The track is from their recent Champagne Eyes EP, the pair's first release as an independent outfit. For the clip, they teamed up with New York director duo rubberband (Jason Sondock and Simon Davis), creating a set of visuals which were deeply personal for frontwoman Aluna Francis.

"I was exploring the notion of the ‘one-night stand’ being an opportunity for liberation as opposed to the traditional idea of it being a shallow, drunken mistake," she wrote in a note about the NSFW clip. "I wondered what it would be like if you decided, because you were never going to see that person again, to just be you’re most natural self without the mask of who we often pretend to be and the investment we have in showing our ‘best,’ ‘hottest’ selves to a potential partner in a relationship. The significance of the one-night stand was being an opportunity and catalyst for change in oneself. What would that look like?"

The directors added: "When we took on this project, we wanted to challenge the way sexuality is depicted in a music video context. Our goal, beyond translating the song into image and remaining true to AlunaGeorge’s aesthetic, was to strip away the judgement surrounding sexuality. Showing a sexual encounter in its simplest form: two people granting permission to be witnessed in their most vulnerable state. Our attempt to not only show the universality of attraction, but to subvert the taboos surrounding nudity."

Watch the video below. Note: There's nudity.