Catie Laffoon

If your week is creeping ever so slowly toward Friday, A R I Z O N A may be able to help.

The alt-pop trio has just released their new single "Find Someone," which comes with a video co-starring a farm's worth of animals. There are puppies, kittens, goats, rabbits, lambs, baby chicks. 

"We wanted to find a fun way to portray an alternate take on a song like 'Find Someone' with the music video," says frontman Zachary Charles of the new clip. "The idea is: if someone or something is not good for you in your life, there are many simple ways and places to find happiness. In the case of our video, that 'someone' who can always be there to love you better and turn your day around very well might be your puppy! Or chicken... or turtle... or goat... We love animals and literally couldn’t contain ourselves the entire day we were shooting this. It probably shows."

"Find Someone" is A R I Z O N A's first single from their upcoming sophomore album, which doesn't yet have a release date. It comes as they're also set to open for Panic! at the Disco's European tour next month.

See the video below.