Image from 'Everybody's Cool But Me' video

Stephen Feigenbaum (aka Johan) is back with music of his own.

After a year working with producers such as No I.D., Mike Dean and Travis Barker on projects for the likes of Kanye West, Travis Scott, Alessia Cara, Teyana Taylor and Vic Mensa, the Los Angeles-based artist is ready to start releasing some of his own new material, starting with "Everybody's Cool But Me," which arrived Wednesday with an accompanying video.

It's a self-deprecating cut which also happens to be really relatable, as the Boston-raised composer-musician explores "feelings of bitterness that sometimes take over my head when I spend too much time at home alone, especially when everyone else I know is out and about." He adds: "Why do I feel this way if I don't even want to be doing what they're doing or going to those places?"

The new music follows Johan's 2017 EP and his 2016 Yeethoven project, which bridged together the sounds of Kanye West and Beethoven. He has at least one EP coming in the spring, but he apparently has quite the vault of unreleased music, noting: "I’m never stopping again!! I’ve got like 3 EPs for you this year. More music about not wanting to grow up and hating everything but loving my friends."

Check out the self-produced "Everybody's Cool But Me" in the video below.