Glynn Parkinson

Charlie Oriain will be releasing his debut Homesick EP on Friday, but before he does that, the Isle of Wight artist is sharing an early listen of the title track.

The beautiful new song, "Homesick," is premiering on Variance today. It's a song reflective of the singer's journey, from working on a construction site after leaving school, to discovering his love for writing very earnest, introspective songs.

“I wrote 'Homesick' about the mix of emotions when leaving your hometown for the first time," says Oriain. "The excitement of new found freedom and sense of loss for those you leave behind."

He adds: "Growing up on a small island off the bottom of the U.K. meant my whole world was a group of close friends and family, surrounded by water. Looking out at mainland England longing to make it out as a singer-songwriter was a dream of mine from my early teens. After spending a few years bunkered in my room, I began traveling up to London in the hopes of making these dreams a reality. Taking this step presented a fresh perspective and a new set of challenges."

He continues: "Over the course of 18 months, I wrote my debut EP Homesick about the mix of emotions that come with taking the plunge and moving out; the excitement of new found freedom, the anxieties of getting older and the sense of loss for those you leave behind.”

Check out the new song below, and hear the full EP on Friday.