Galvanic, photo courtesy Ultra Records

Ahead of a new EP, Wyatt Johnson (aka Galvanic) and Connor Hennessy (aka Smeyeul) are here with a brand new track called "Numb," which happens to be a collaboration with Marc E. Bassy.

The simmering new cut is out Friday via Ultra Records, but it's premiering now on Variance. And while summer might technically be over, you wouldn't know it listening to this poolside-ready gem, as the trio is definitely bringing the heat.

"I started the production of 'Numb' last summer, and wanted to make something that’s fun and easy to listen to," says Galvanic," which he co-wrote with luke Brown. "I sent it over to Luke, and he sent me back the chorus in just a few days. We felt like the melancholic lyrics fit the laid-back instrumental well, as feeling numb to love can eventually create this sense of freedom (however delusional it may be). Ultimately, the song is about unrequited love, and how it can eventually make you feel dumb, confused, and even numb."

Adds Brown: "To me, it’s about being in puppy love with someone who doesn’t really love you back. Eventually, the love makes you feel drained."

Go ahead and get "Numb" below.