Alina Pagani

Irish duo The Cope is starting off early this week with new music and great news for fans. The pair is releasing a new single called "I Am Stretched on Your Grave," out Wednesday.

But it's premiering on Variance today ahead of its release, along with an accompanying visual, which is the first in a trilogy, each song making up the self-titled debut, with the additional tracks coming soon. "I Am Stretched" is the first of three in collaboration with writer/director Jamie Delaney.

"There is an inherent sadness in Irish culture and folklore," says the duo of the narrative behind the project. "Woe and heartbreak is deep within the fabric of our people and our history, however it remains ever-present and as potent even still today. The Cope interrogates the lengths we are willing to go to in order to hold on to all that we have, or alternatively the lies we tell ourselves to convince ourselves that we are content with who we have become." 

See the visual below.