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Titus Bank has had our attention for some time now, and this week, he's sharing his proper debut EP.

The collection of songs, dubbed Hopeless & Romantic, is officially out Friday, but it's premiering today on Variance ahead of its release. And we're happy to share this project from the rising Vancouver-based artist, who continues to shine with this new EP, which is sure to keep you so incredibly captivated in the absolute best way.

"Hopeless & Romantic is a collection of singles written over the span of a few years and although they are all written as separate pieces, when put together, they form a narrative I didn't actually plan," Bank tells Variance. "I see myself as 'Hopeless' because it's human nature to make mistakes and there are always things that we wish we could change which we simply cannot. But as much as we are 'Hopeless' we are also inherently 'Romantic.'"

He adds: "These two ideas come to a head in this EP as I wrestle with my own errors and my incessant need to be loved—and to love. I hope everyone listening to my music will enjoy this journey, and the evolution in my sound. Beyond that, I hope these songs might cause people to think more deeply about the way they approach love, and how they treat the people closest to them.

The EP includes four new songs plus previous standouts from Bank, including favorites such as "The Way You Love" and his irresistible first single "I Do Yeah," as well as his song "Hide Me Like You Do" along with a remix of the track featuring the wonderful, fellow Canadian act Dizzy, whose own album The Sun and Her Scorch arrived in 2020.

Hear the full Hopeless & Romantic EP now.