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As the week comes to a close, emerging artist The Coyote is delivering new music in the form of his new single "Stranger Danger."

The eerie, enigmatic track is out on Friday, but it's premiering today on Variance, along with an accompanying video directed by James Parker. The song comes with news of The Coyote's new Bad Killer EP, which will be released on Dec. 3.

"When it comes to leaving your comfort zone, sometimes the thing that keeps you stuck somewhere, be it physically or mentally, is something close — closer than people like to look," says The Coyote, alluding to the spellbinding new track and its cinematic video.

He adds: "A ghost town is a place where nothing thrives or moves forward. Where there are echoes of the past, where things are buried alive, and where the stranger and the danger is no further away than your shadow. There, these shadows follow you, try to weigh you down, and make you another forgotten element of the town. Do you give in to the dust and decay or try to find a way out?”

Check out "Stranger Danger" below and everywhere on Friday.


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