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After releasing his new single "Knife" last month, rising Greek pop artist Jimmi Ski is now ready to share the accompanying video.

The clip is premiering today on Variance, and it gives visual expression to the song's intense yet addictive lyrics, as the singer drags a giant, seven-foot box through the desert of Larnaca Salt Lake in Cyprus as he is on a quest to destroy the box, which represents the death of his past self in a relationship.

"Knife" is from Jimmi's upcoming five-track FML EP, with each track representing one of the stages of grief. This first song marks stage IV—depression—with a mid-tempo R&B-pop cut drawing influence from a range of sounds reminiscent of blackbear, Quinn XCII and some of Halsey's pre-2021 material.

“I made the next five tracks I'll be releasing over the next few months for anyone healing from heartbreak, whether that be the loss of a partner or a friendship gone sour," says Jimmi. "For a lot of us, losing someone that used to feel like home can feel like experiencing a death, and in order to truly heal, we've got to physically, mentally and emotionally mourn their loss."

He adds: "At first I felt guilty for feeling that way, like somehow I was being immature, or too sensitive. But the truth is, to truly heal, you have to grieve. And you have to experience all the stages of grief, just as you do when someone close to you dies. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance."

For those newly acquainted with Jimmi Ski, this new track is a perfect introduction. It's also perhaps timely considering how many people across the globe are facing moments of loss, uncertainty, and certainly grief.

Jimmi Ski may be relatively new to the musical landscape, but "Knife" is clear evidence he has the skillset to one day fill stadiums much like the aforementioned artists.

Watch the Mark Kassinos-directed video below.