Destiny Keller

After sharing his new single "Missing You Now" last week, Nashville-based artist Drew Elliott is now ready to share the accompanying video.

The new, Stranger Things-inspired clip is premiering today on Variance, and it gives a haunting perspective to the song's lyrics as Elliott is seen clearly struggling to let go of a past relationship, with the video flickering between images of the singer alone and at times joined by a mysterious female figure, whose presence seems to be both comforting and torturing.

"We didn’t have much of a budget, so I knew we had to get creative and just try different things until we found the vibe," he recalls of the video. "We ended up using [art director Destiny Keller’s] house for most of the shooting and recruited Destiny’s roommate Ashleigh Conrad as the lead actress, or 'ominous presence,' as we like to call her role."

He adds: "She later confessed after the video was done that she had no idea what she was doing, given no acting experience and generally being camera shy. This was such a surprise to me as I think she completely stole the show and owned every scene she was in."

The video, directed by Ty Combs, can be seen below.