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Aaron Taos is closing out 2020 on a high note. And today, just days before he releases the deluxe edition of his debut record Birthday Boy, he has shared one more new song "Amnesia."

The new track, which is deceptively buoyant, is premiering today on Variance. And despite the very breezy melody, the Saiah collaboration is inspired by heartache, as Taos navigates the very relatable aftermath of a relationship gone wrong. But just like when you lose an election and become a one-term president, there are multiple stages of grief. And with Taos, we find him going from the initial denial to the bargaining stage.

"It's a fast-paced lil bopper about unrequited love," says Taos of the undeniably infectious cut. "A story of a breakup situation where your ex is moving on just a little too easily. Then of course, instead of just taking the L in stride, your indignant pride gets in the way to justify it. Like, 'It can't be my fault she forgot about me; she must just have gotten amnesia."

The new song is the final preview of the aptly titled Birthday Boy (Party Favors), which is out this Friday (Nov. 20). And while the original project was born of introspection, written at a time when Taos was broke, in a musical rut and had just moved back in with his parents, the deluxe edition is reflective of his growth, serving as the perfect demonstration of his journey as an artist and as a person.

"I’m at a very different place in my life and I want to bring others in the fold," he explains. "With Birthday Boy (Party Favors), I invited a bunch of artists I love to give a bit of their energy to these tracks and breathe new life into them. I’m also releasing some brand new ones as well that fit the mold of the original album. The guy standing on the dock alone with a green cloud over his head is no more. Now it’s time to invite others to the party.”

Hear "Amnesia" below.