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Nick Wilson has had our attention for some time now, but now the 25-year-old U.K. singer is expanding his hold with his spellbinding new single "Enough to Know You."

He's premiering a set of visuals for the track today on Variance, delivering a one-shot cinematic video which centers on a man in military gear who regains consciousness on a desolate beach. An enemy plane also suggests the timing of the clip is from the World War II era.

The video was directed by Bjorn Franklin and Johnny Marchetta, with rising actor Will Fletcher playing the unnamed man at the center of the short clip.

“'Enough to Know You' is about being broken up with, but realising that the time you spent with them is worth more than the bitterness and resentment of hating them for it," says Wilson. "At its heart, it’s a song about letting go. To me there’s just something both heart-breaking and heart-warming about that moment of clarity in moving on and being okay with it. It’s the hardest thing in the world to come to terms with the fact that someone no longer wants you, but sometimes, being able to have shared a part of your life with that person is enough to let them go.”

The new song comes as Wilson continues his own steady rise, courtesy of his enamoring vocals, drawing on influences from the likes of Noah Gunderson to Bon Iver.

Watch the video for "Enough to Know You" below.