Charles Okeefe

Gaspard Eden has shared a new set of visuals for his song "Pancakes," a preview of his upcoming album Soft Power.

The claymation video is premiering today on Variance, delivering a perfect accompaniment for the hazy, nostalgic track. It was directed by tattoo artist Phil Berge, who found himself dabbling with plasticine and clay animation as a result of the ongoing health crisis.

"There is definitely a romantic / nostalgic aspect to the idea behind the 'Pancakes' music video, for everybody who worked on that project grew up in the nineties, ended up having their childhood stimulated with a lot of clay animations playing on the TV," says Gaspard Eden. "I remember going through my dad's Beta tapes collection as a kid, binge watching California Raisins episodes and being fascinated by its textures and colors, which in fact many years later still amaze me. I think it was kind of a big thing for the era, and indirectly became part of its aesthetic. Digging a little deeper in the history of the medium we came up with artists such as Bruce Bickford as references and fell in love with the aesthetic. Through the meticulous work of artist Phil Berge, he managed to craft that colorful and amusing early Nineties revival, a piece of art in my opinion, and really took me by surprise with its instinctive and creative scenario."

For his part, director Berge adds: "I am a tattoo artist who ended up without work due to COVID-19. In that period of time, I started messing around with plasticine and did stop motion animations for fun. This is when Gaspard Eden and his team came to me and asked me to make a music video for a song called 'Pancakes.' I always dreamt of doing so, so I took the opportunity and the sudden amount of spare time in my life to dive into it. They have let me a lot of space creatively speaking. Many animations I used to watch in my youth such as Wallace and Gromit, Pingu and Soupe Opera definitely inspired me a lot in the making of the music video. The fact that stores were closed due to the pandemic represented a real challenge. It was tough to get the proper art furniture to carry out the project from start to finish, but this constraint gave a unique touch to it for everything you see in the video is handmade and carefully chosen."

The end result is a nod to simpler times, with hints of childhood and vivid color.

Watch the new video below.