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Ahead of a new album, Nashville singer Matt Lovell is sharing a new song called "Trouble," which happens to arrive during Mental Health Awareness Month.

The encouraging new track is premiering today on Variance, although it's officially out on Friday. The song, which is inspired by Lovell's own experience with pain and trauma, is intended to serve as a light, reminding others it's possible to make it to the other side of their grief or misfortune. It's accompanied by a video starring Lovell as he faces a mysterious character, dubbed the "Trouble Monster," who is here to help him learn how to recover from life's ups and downs.

According to Lovell, he started writing "Trouble" back in 2012 when he was living with a friend, and it's become something of an "anthem" for him in his personal life.

"I wrote it in a time when I was feeling very out of sorts. I was in the throes of typical mid-20s stuff. I was broke," he recalls. "I was going out on dates. I was going out with friends and staying out late into the night. I was facing myself, too. I’ve found in life that you can survive just about any era if you can find a way to keep a light heart, and that’s what this song is about."

The song is from Lovell's upcoming album Nobody Cries Today, which will arrive on June 5.

Watch the video for "Trouble" below.