Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles-based artist Jens Kuross is capping the week with the release of his new single "Done with Dancing," a new, stripped down take of the song "Yard Two Stone," his collaboration with Lane 8 released last December.

The spellbinding track is premiering today on Variance, coming ahead of his debut album, which is expected to arrive this year.

"I thought that pairing the lyric 'done with dancing' with the hook for an unapologetically extroverted dance track would be hilariously subversive and interesting," says Kuross of the song's origins. "And it was. But it also turned out to be poignant enough to demand its own more earnest and introverted treatment. I just love how it lives so beautifully such disparate worlds."

Kuross is a longtime collaborator with Variance favorite RY X and they are both part of the electronic music group The Acid

Hear "Done with Dancing" below.