Photo by Brooke Ashley Barone

During all the busyness of SXSW, Harry Hudson stopped by to chat with Variance about his debut album Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night.

The record is coming out on Friday (March 30) after having been announced just days ago. It follows last month's release of Hudson's Can Cowboys Cry, a 16-minute short film he shared, featuring his songs such as "No Good," "Gone" and "Cry for Love," all of which will appear on the album.

Sitting down before he performed on the Pandora stage at SXSW in Austin, Hudson talked about spending the last two years in the studio. He also talked about "hitting rock bottom" after battling cancer, experiencing personal loss and going through depression.

During the conversation, he recalled advise he received while undergoing chemo, during which he started writing in a journal to chronicle his story, which has since been translated into his music.

Check out the interview below. (Updated)