Photo of Gryffin, courtesy artist

Monster Energy Up & Up Festival has revealed the three U.S. colleges winning an exclusive concert headlined by producer-musician Gryffin.

After a massive, student-driven competition resulting in 6,300 pre-orders from 14 universities in a 48-hour period, Up & Up has crowned San Jose State University, UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis the winning schools, all of which will get to experience a live show from Gryffin later this month.

As we previously mentioned, this is the fourth installment of Monster’s Up & Up concept, with the festival only making its way to campuses with the most demand (based on actual ticket pre-orders), making it a win for all—artists, fans and promoters.

“Our on-demand culture is inspiring students to take matters into their own hands when it comes to bringing concerts to their college,” Up & Up Festival co-founder Steven Ljubicic tells Variance, adding: “Moving 6,300 pre-orders in 48 hours without a date or a location is vindication that students continue embracing our innovative concept.”

Gryffin has said he was drawn to get involved with Up & Up because of the unique format “[bringing] schools together through music,” noting how first began producing music while he was still in college.

The news comes as the touring and live music industry continues to evolve, and it perhaps foreshadows even more changes. For its part, the Up & Up Festival, which has previously been headlined by the likes of Cash Cash and Alan Walker, is plotting an even larger contest for the fall.

More information about the Monster Energy Up & Up Festival as well details about the upcoming concerts can be found on the festival’s website.