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Music has always been a cornerstone in the life of Jon Vinyl, his hymn-like buttery vocals first caught the attention of his brother; Jamil, now manager of Vinyl Recordings Inc, whom deemed it necessary for the pair to establish a home studio in which Jon could refine his craft. Fast-forward almost 10 years from the soulful singers first steps toward fulfilling the dreams of his youth and we are gifted with “Entice Me”, Jon’s first single from his upcoming sophomore project this fall. We had a listen and must pre-warn, this sexy and melodic number is irresistible… So much so, you’re guaranteed to have it on repeat. 

Bathe in seductive acoustic tones as “Entice Me” commences the canorous journey it promises to guide you on, followed soon after by the soft and sickly sweet beginnings of a vocal composition that portrays a lustful, yet playful relationship between two flames… Did someone turn the heat up in here?... Across the record, Jon flexes his silky chords and entwines masterfully amongst tantric guitar riffs and mellow basslines; but even more notable are the changes of pace across this virtuosic soliloquy, rendering an image of romantic encounter through auditory imagery.

His newly released single “Entice Me” is a perfervid introduction to what Jon has to offer this fall. A man inspired by the old school R&B of Vandross and Jodeci he heard whilst helping his mother with Sunday chores, it is safe to say that Jon Vinyl is taking the right steps to emulate his role model’s success. 

We managed to speak to the man himself and he provided us with an insight into all things Vinyl.

Variance: "Entice Me" is already a favourite here at Variance. What inspired the track?

Jon: "Entice Me" is all about letting go of the natural urge to hold back when something (or someone) feels too good to be true. It’s about surrendering to indulgence. More often than not, we can get so caught up in making such calculated moves that we risk losing the spark, the spontaneity that’s in this very moment. I wanted to create something sexy that makes my listeners feel like they need to light some candles and call up their significant other.

Variance: An inspiration of yours and someone you’d love to work with reaches out for a collaboration, who is it?

Jon: Ohh this is a tough one, there are so many talented musicians and artists I’d love to work with. Someone like Kaytranada would be a sick collab—he’s honestly a production genius, plus he’s a fellow Canadian, and he’s done some really dope work with rising R&B talent. @Kaytranada if you’re listening, let’s get cookin together man!

Variance: You’re bound to step further and further into the limelight. Considering such, what impact through your sound and expression do you hope to achieve?

Jon: My music exhibits soulful poetic narratives and perspectives. I’ve always been someone with a keen sense of emotion. I feel like society conditions men - and Black men in particular - to believe that bottling up our emotions is central to masculinity. But in my honest opinion, I consider these notions to be some of our most destructive societal issues. I feel like R&B is the best avenue to break through stigmas around male emotion and masculinity by boldly defying emotional barriers and tapping into some of the most vulnerable moments in my life. Even if a topic is difficult to discuss with others—whether it be a tough breakup, rough patch, creator’s block, etc., you’ll typically find me pouring those pent-up emotions out on paper as I conceptualize the lyrics for my next song.

Variance: We really value the sincerity and emotion you share and cannot commend you enough for seeking to set an example for others, of openness in expression. After “Entice Me” we already can’t wait for more, and no doubt you’re your fans be feeling the same. Any hints for what’s next?

Jon: When I tell you that I’ve been cooking, I mean a full course! We’ve got a dope visual dropping in a couple weeks for ‘Entice Me’ which I’m amped to share with y’all. And I’m also super excited to announce that I’ll be dropping a brand-new project this fall. One thing I’m ramping up now are live performances and I’m hoping to celebrate my new music with listeners far and wide real soon. 

Well, in that case we shall keep our plates empty Jon. It seems the R&B scene isn’t prepared for what this star will be dishing up this fall, an appetiser of “Entice Me”, has left us already making room for seconds. If you’re seeking to satisfy a craving for more Jon Vinyl, check out “Told You” from his previous project Lost in You.