Photo by Erica Chan, courtesy artist

As Luca Fogale continues his latest chapter of new music, he has shared a gripping new single called "Worthy of Love."

Following in the vein of his incredible standout "You're the One," this new song is equally as emotional, as if the lyrics are directly from the Canadian singer's own journal. And perhaps they are, because the song is a clear reminder of the power of connection, of oneness and an inescapable love.

"All the hurt left in my blood / Is burning up the world I used to dream about / I'm lost for answers and I always was / But you show me what it means to feel worthy of love," he sings on the passionate track, which is our latest Big Obsession selection.

"I poured as much of myself into this song as I ever have, and it means everything to me to have the space to share it with you; to share so much of who I am," said Fogale in a note along with the song's release on Friday. "However these words may find you, I hope that this song speaks to you today in a way that feels real."

As we previously noted, Fogale has long demonstrated his undeniable skillset, as reflected on his 2020 album Nothing Is Lost. And he certainly hasn't lost his touch. The new song also follows his recent single "Evergreen," which arrived back in September.

Watch the Annalísa Hermannsdóttir-directed video for "Worthy of Love" now.