Mackenzie Walker

Luca Fogale demonstrated his undeniable skillset on his 2020 album Nothing Is Lost. But he's further proving his songwriting prowess with the gut-wrenching new single "Evergreen," which the Canadian singer released on Friday.

He fuses perfectly the delicate, precision of his diary-like lyricism with the emotional vocals, as he reaches incredible heights while once again tapping into such an intimate space. As someone who probably accounts for several hundred plays of his song "You're the One" off Nothing Is Lost, I can assure you this is where the singer thrives. It's his magic.

Fogale calls the new track "something I've been waiting to share with you for a very long time." He continues: "This is the first of the new songs that I've written over the past two years; an attempt to dive deeper into the ways that I hope to see this life and hope to see myself, and the ways that I hope to keep trying," he says, nodding to the song's lyrics: "I want to recognize this world for all it could become.”

Hear "Evergreen" now and stay tuned for more from Luca Fogale.