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Pop music is a fickle space, but emerging singer-songwriter Conor Matthews stands out.

He's released just three songs to date, all this year, including his new single "I Told You," which is brimming with Justin-Timberlake-meets-Zayn-Malik vibes, showcasing sleek, radio-ready vocals with enough jagged edges to suggest, yeah, he'd probably steal your girl.

The 23-year-old crooner, who also has dance moves to put JT on notice, was born in Chicago but moved to Nashville and has signed a songwriting deal with Warner Chappell and Keith Urban. And now he's ready to put out his music.

To further prove Matthews' skills, he recently shared a gripping cover of Chris Brown's single "Grass Ain't Greener," which appeared on his 2017 album Heartbreak on a Full Moon

Hear "I Told You" as well as his other single "Love You Drink About" below and definitely stay tuned for more from Conor Matthews.


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