Variance aims to deliver readers with content they love and demand. Our focus is on the Sights + Sounds you love and the creative culture around you. That means readers directly influence most of the content in Variance (website and the magazine).

The Sights + Sounds You Love: This includes music, film, television, books, and any form of art or media you can see or hear. Our goal is to continually spotlight the sights and sounds that are important to YOU—not other media outlets, critics, etc.

Creative Culture Around You: This is open to interpretation. From groundbreaking new tech or fashion startups to underdog brands with a unique story or idea, there are countless examples of creativity in our culture today. We know there are many untold stories and we want to tell them! Or better yet, YOU could tell them!

Variance ultimately determines all content across multiple platforms, but we accept submissions on relevant topics for publication. If you are interested in writing about any of the previously mentioned topics for the website or the magazine, please email a Word document (.doc) of 300 words-plus and applicable URLs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to include a bio no longer than 200 characters, as well as a URL for social networking site(s) or blog (to be included with article as byline). If you simply have a question about submissions or topics, you may contact us here.

**Submissions to Variance are on a donation basis, although you will receive proper credit (as stated above). By submitting content you agree to those terms and conditions. Please review spelling and grammar before submitting. All articles are edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone. (Refer to our Style Guide for guidelines before submitting.)

If you are not contacted within six weeks of submission, please assume we will not be using your provided content.