Photo by Morten Rygaard

Denmark's Martin Hedegaard (aka SAVEUS) has released a gripping new single called "Watch the World."

Co-produced by himself alongside American producer Andrew Dawson (Jay-Z, Kid Cudi), it's a haunting, stirring observation of 2017, in the midst of dark global headlines, the Trump presidency and a number of tragedies. "The kids are watching the world go insane," Hedegaard laments on the soulful track.

"'Watch the World; is a note to myself," the singer says. "It’s a reminder that I’m an accomplice in this new world order where rules for common sense is changing. [The] worst part is that I don’t do anything about it. I just watch."

SAVEUS and Dawson have been in the studio together recently and if "Watch the World" is a preview of what's to come, that's great news for fans.

Hear the song below.


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