Photo of Gettic, courtesy artist

Danish artist Gettic has released an addictive new gem in the form of "Sleepwalking," a collaboration featuring vocalist Clairity, the latter of whom is a protégé of Kesha's mother, songwriter Pebe Sebert, and wrote "Godzilla" off Kesha's recent album Rainbow.

For his part, Gettic has produced and remixed a number of Danish acts as well as the likes of Bonnie McKee and Ed Drewett. It was through that network of collaborators that he connected over the summer with Clarity, who came to Gettic's studio in Copenhagen and recorded "Sleepwalking."

"The song is about a relationship—or more, the end of one—and coping with the loss of not just something mental, but also very physical," said Gettic of the new track. "Sleepwalking is a sort of mental state; I’m sure we’ve all experienced at one point in our lives. We tried to catch the hazy vibe, of walking around, fully dressed, seeing and listening to other people, but not really being 'there.'"

Hear the alluring new track below and stay tuned for more from both Gettic and Clairity.

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