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MUTEMATH has unwrapped a new single "Hit Parade," which seems to find the band morphing into their true selves.

The mesmerizing new cut, which builds on the sounds of the band's 2015 album Vitals, is the first preview of their upcoming record Play Dead, the followup to Vitals and their 2016 remix project Changes.

And as "Hit Parade" demonstrates with clarity, the New Orleans outfit has evidently pushed themselves further this time around. 

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"I think what we wound up with for the first time is a MUTEMATH album with no guard rails," frontman Paul Meany said of the new material, noting "Hit Parade" is the "first song we've ever recorded that sounds like what MUTEMATH set out to sound like from the very beginning.” 

There's no word yet on a release date for Play Dead, but the band is expected to announce a new tour in the coming weeks.

Hear "Hit Parade" below.

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