Photo of Nerve Leak's Sam Friedman by Robert Bredvad

Emerging singer-producer Sam Friedman (aka Nerve Leak) has released his magnetic new single "DR34M5."

"I don't want to love you / I can't handle the stress / I just want to fuck you / and fuck the rest," the Brooklyn-based artist confidently croons on the woozy, infectious cut.

According to Friedman, the song is about "being caught up in the intimacy of a new love, but ultimately pulling away to mend unhealed wounds. I found myself falling for someone new, shortly after leaving an unhealthy relationship that really changed the lens through which I saw love. It was no longer this intoxicating, affirming experience. It felt full of stress, fear, and manipulation. I wrote the lyrics as a way of admitting that I shouldn’t give myself to someone new if I haven’t yet taken the time to re-learn who I am on my own."

Listen to "DR34M5" below (via Fader).

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