Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Chance the Rapper became the youngest recipient of the Humanitarian Award at Sunday night's BET Awards. And to top it off, his big moment was presented to him by one of the most popular residents of the White House, former and current.

Michelle Obama introduced his award by video, praising him for "showing our young people that they matter, that they have something inside of them that is worthy of being expressed, and they have so much to contribute to their community and our country."

Upon taking the stage, Chance acknowledged his youth at 24, but quickly noted, "My God doesn't make mistakes." He went on to decry the government, pleading, "Y'all need to let everybody out of jail for selling weed before y'all start making it legal for people to sell it and make capital off it!

He also took further aim at the justice system: "I was gonna tell those judges that we just need a conviction when we know these n*ggas wrong for doing this," he said.

"I'm a good man, but I'm going to become a better man," Chance said as he wrapped his speech, before thanking a number of family members by name, saving the best for last. "Thank you, BET! Thank you, black people! Thank you, mom," he shouted, to rousing applause. 

Pure class from both Chance and Mrs. Obama. And further proof of why America loves them both.

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