Following news on Thursday he is unexpectedly releasing a new album, 4 Your Eyez Only, next week, J. Cole has shared videos for two new songs "False Prophets" and "Everybody Gotta Die."

On "Prophets," the emcee laments some of his idols and heroes who "don't even write they shit," he says, adding: "Maybe it's my fault for idolizing."  On "Everybody," he offers even sharper critiques.

"Clap at the fake deep rappers, the O.G. gate-keep rappers / The 'would you take a break please?' rappers," he raps. "Bunch of words and they saying shit / I hate these rappers / Especially the immature eight-week rappers / Lil whatever, just another short bus rapper."

The two clips are part of a 40-minute, Tidal-exclusive documentary Eyez, which Cole released on Friday. In it, he takes fans behind the scenes of the creation of his new album, revealing it consists of "the realest shit I've ever said." 

While 4 Your Eyez Only is out on Dec. 9, the documentary can be seen here and the videos for J. Cole's new songs can be seen below. 


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