Photo courtesy artist

COTIS has dropped another winner in the form of his second single "All Night," which arrived Tuesday.

Hailing from Victoria, Canada, COTIS released his addictive debut single "Phone Light Up" back in April. And his latest is just as irresistible, while showcasing his seamless flow and candid lyricism.

"I've been working all night baby / When I come home, can't be alone," he says on the track, then telling his partner he wants company as he gets high. Things quickly escalate as he then sings: "Fuck me all night, baby / When you wake up Imma be gone."

According to the 19-year-old artist, who has drawn influence from Drake, Kanye West, Lil Peep and Kodak Black, spending a lot of time alone in his studio has "made me comfortable and confident in how to make an impact as a story teller—in the way I craft the words, melodies and tricks in the studio that technology now affords us."

"All Night" is the latest preview of COTIS' upcoming debut Wonderland EP.

While you wait for the project, hear the new song below.