Photo courtesy artist

After weeks of teasing, Toronto duo Jason Couse and Wes Marskell (aka the Darcys) on Friday released their new holiday cut "Another Log on the Fire."

It's a sexy jam that immediately sounds like a familiar Christmas classic, but as the track continues, it's quickly apparent this velvet, R&B-infused gem is 100% Darcys.

"We were considering releasing a Christmas cover this year when we thought it would be more fun to created something original," the duo said of the new song, which follows their 2016 album Centerfold. "It's a pretty simple concept: who doesn't want to keep the fire burning a little longer this Christmas?"

Whether you're curling up next to a real fire or just have one burning on the inside, the Darcys are here for you. 

Listen to "Another Log on the Fire" below.