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It's Nov. 10, the day many have been anxiously awaiting. A big pop album arrived on Friday. Not that one. This one.

The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford has released his debut solo album &, which is out today via Columbia Records. Featuring production contributions from Dylan Brady, Lars Stalfors, MD$ and Alex Leone and Take A Daytrip, the new record follows The Neighbourhood's own surprise EP HARD, which was released in September.

And while the band has often been relegated to the alt-rock space, Rutherford has big pop moments on his first solo project. In fact, & is arguably the most exciting pop record released today. And it was only announced a week ago.

& includes previously released tracks "Born to Be Blonde" and "Drama." In addition to the album, Rutherford will also be performing Nov. 24 at The Echo in Los Angeles.

Hear the enamoring new album below.