Photo by Nick Spanos

Kimbra is treating fans on this Friday to new music in the form of her dazzling single "Everybody Knows."

It's the first from her upcoming album Primal Heart, the followup to her 2014 album The Golden Echo. And according to the singer, she has a handful of notable guest appearances, including contributions from Childish Gambino, Dirty Projectors’ David Longstreth and Skrillex.

“There’s always been amazing people I’m working with and bringing into the circle but in a way I’ve been intentional about this record being quite a focus less on features and more about my message,” Kimbra told Triple J radio. “It’s definitely been a journey of different people coming through the studio but less from the point of collaborations with other vocalists and more just bringing their sound in on the background.”

While the full album is expected early next year, "Everybody Knows" is out now and can be heard below.