Photo courtesy artist

On Friday, rising singer Alana Springsteen released her debut album Twenty Something, which is out now via Columbia Records/Sony Music Nashville.

The album includes previously released tracks like "you don't deserve a country song," "goodbye looks good on you" and "ghost in my guitar," the latter of which features none other than Chris Stapleton. But it's on the newly released track "amen," which happens to be the final song on the album, which encapsulates Springsteen's strength, the perfect sum of the record's defiance, delicateness and wonder.

“It’s hard to believe all 18 songs on my debut album are out in the world," says Springsteen (no relation to Bruce) of the album. "This music has already taken me on more adventures than I can count. I write these songs because I have to. It’s the only way I can start to understand what’s actually happening inside and around me. What ends up healing me though, are the people who find their own stories in them."

She continues: "People who listen, reach out, and help me feel less alone with the thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart ... As heavy, introspective, and foundational as the last few years have been for me, I’ve also experienced some of the happiest, proudest, most invigorating, and cathartic moments of my life. Moments that prove to me that I’m on the right path ... that I am figuring it out and learning from the messes I make.” 

Hear the album below.