Troy Akers of Bandit Heart, photo by Jason Stoltzfus

Nashville artist Troy Akers (aka Bandit Heart) has returned with new music, this time a collaboration with artist Lilac Jun. The two have teamed up to release a new song called "Blue (June Mix)."

It's a delicate, sort of magical offering as it weaves through different layers of sound, eventually enveloping listeners in a whimsical, out-of-body state. But underneath, the song seems to stem from a place of longing. 

"I hear you laugh and you're not there / The best parts of you don't disappear / Wherever I go I know you're near," Lilac Jun sings in one part of the track, one which Bandit Heart says is the start of a new chapter for him as an artist.

Hear "Blue (June Mix)" below.