Maya Sassoon & Callum Walker Hutchinson

If you're ready for longer days and summer nights, Emilia Ali has you covered. Today, she dropped the glitchy, hypnotic new single "Oj & prosecco."

It will quickly have you hooked as this also marks the artist's first co-production credit, with the track beginning as a self-produced demo made in her bedroom and has morphed into what you're hearing today—an enthralling offering, out today via Ultra Records.

“I typically would start my writing process by recording and somewhat producing myself in the past," says Ali. "But this is the first time I really felt confident enough to say that my original production ideas were worth keeping.”

The song is perfectly paired with a visualizer made in collaboration with Maya Sassoon. "Oj & prosecco" precedes a full EP, titled Make it real don’t make it bad, which is expected this summer.

Watch the video below.